Another SEMA has come & gone…

A bunch of us from the magazine attended this years show. There was a plethora of new & exciting products, cars & companies to check out. In fact, there is so much to document, we could not put it all into one article! So, for the next short while, we will be uploading some of the things we saw at SEMA 2021. Today, I thought I’d put together my top 50 photos from the show and show you all just how cool this place really is. However, I will be taking suggestions on what articles you guys & gals would like to see about the show. In the meantime, enjoy scrolling through the photos – let us know your favorite!

Turn 14 Tesla

As we walked into the main hall, we were greeted by our friends over at Turn 14 Distribution. This track ready Tesla sat right at home in their booth.

Widebody Corvette Universal Air

Universal Air brought out this gorgeous widebody C8 Corvette. One of the best looking Corvettes at the show.

Nissan GT-R R33 400R

TopRank was showing off one of their imports. Such an incredible vehicle.

Austin Hatcher Mach E

Ford had an impressive showing, as always. Lots of collaborative efforts, like this Mach E GT built by the Austin Hatcher Foundation.

Tucci Hot Rods Ford Maverick

Tucci Hot Rods brought the heat with multiple amazing one-offs like this custom Maverick.

Toyo Treadpass

Toyo Treadpass

Toyo’s Treadpass was one of our absolute favorite places to be. Every single car on display was stunning.

TCP Magic RX-7

One of the cars that caught everyone’s attention was this TCP Magic widebody RX-7. I spy a wild Larry Chen in the background!

LS Swapped DeLorean

However, the most talked about car around this area was definitely this DeLorean. LS swapped, bagged & widebody.

LS Swapped Twin Turbo DeLorean Rear

The turbos are just hanging there.

Main Hall

Civic SI Racecar

Wooley might not agree with me here, but once you throw on some aero, the new Civic Si looks infinitely better. I’d track it.

RE RX-7 Widebody

Fortune Auto had quite the display piece. Tons of super rare & incredible parts on this FD.

TJ Hunt's RB 350Z

TJ Hunt had several cars on display throughout the week.

TJ Hunt Huracan

Along with his 350Z, his Huracan was on display over at the Meguiars booth. The overhead lighting really made the cars pop.

SEMA Corvette Z06

This was our first time seeing the new Z06 in person. The verdict… where do we sign up???


Purple Widebody GT-R

The name of the game at SEMA 2021 was definitely bodykits. This PURPLE R35 stuck out all week long.

B is for Build JumpacanB is for Build brought out their Jumpacan – an ex-Lamborghini Huracan now powered by an LS. Wild stuff.

Highly Detailed Lifted Vintage Truck

One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of wild trucks at this show. This is just ONE example of many.

Brian Scotto's Quattro

Brian Scotto unveiled his new Quattro here at SEMA 2021. Perfect in every aspect.

Joshua Vides E30 Art Installation

… and right next door was possibly the coolest art installation a gearhead could ask for.

Vintage Graphics New Bronco

We really dig this new Bronco. All of the old graphics on it give it the perfect blend of new and old.

Insane Lifted Dodge Ram

This truck… probably the tallest truck I have ever seen in person. Unbelievably tall.

Jason's Carbon R34

Jason brought his all carbon R34 for Optima’s Time Attack. Yes, all carbon. The car weighs something like 2,700lbs.

Tanner Foust Drift Passat

Tanner Foust took Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs) out for a ride in his drift taxi Passat. The car features his new livery for 2021.

Stradman Gladiator 6x6

The Stradman brought a couple of cool cars…

Stradman Bugatti Veyron

His Veyron is definitely killer to see. 


Jamie Orr Harlequin

Jamie Orr towed this harlequin across the USA to the show. There is also an Atlas painted in a similar scheme, but I did not see it… the irony.

2J Swapped Lamborghini Gallardo

The Hoonigans brought so many cool cars. This 2JZ swapped Gallardo was one of the most talked about cars at the show.

Hoonigan Warthog

They even brought a Halo Warthog!

Pit & Paddock Ferrari F40

Over at the Pit & Paddock booth, this modified F40 was stunning.

RyWire S2000 EV

Right behind the F40, you’ll see RyWire’s Tesla swapped S2000. 

Old & New Hatchbacks

This photo represents the car culture at SEMA – a good mix of old and new.

2 Door Evo

Not every day you get to see one of these!

Wheel & Tire Hall

Widebody Lamborghini & Ferrari

Some booth cars were just insane. These guys went all out with their vehicle choices.

Midnight Purple R34 GT-R

I’m pretty sure you could sell me anything as long as you have this MNP R34 for a selling point.

Bugatti Divo

Stradman wasn’t the only one that brought a Bugatti to SEMA 2o21.

Rubystone Red 911

My personal favorite Porsche color – Rubystone Red. Always a great day when you see this color.

Alex Choi Huracan STO

Alex Choi’s custom Huracan is a contender for the best car of the show. See that coffin looking thing in the hood? – That’s a wireless charger.

Nissan 400Z

To those that are not sold on the 400Z, you need to see it in person.

Tavarish McLaren

Tavarish showed off his McLaren. To be truthful, I had no idea the car was complete! Crazy to see where this car came from.

West Coast Customs Copper Rolls Royce

Ryan from West Coast Customs showed off his copper Rolls Royce. Definitely polarizing, but I dig it!

GMC Hummer EV

The new Hummer is big… like, BIG. All that weight & enough torque to move mountains. Future tech is wild, y’all.

Dually Jeep

On a different note, this bagged dually Jeep is all around amazing. All of the custom bodywork, paint & even the engine. Well thought out.

Mustang Mach E Drift

Tanner Foust most definitely is not the only one getting sideways in Vegas. Look at the AWD tire smoke. Crazy, absolutely crazy.

Mustang and Bronco Drift

Ford just knows how to throw a proper party.

Chip Foose HemisFear

Well, check this one off my list of “cars I need to see”. Chip Foose’s Hemisfear.

Twin Turbo MR2

Take a good look. Yes, those are twin turbos. 

After Party

Wrecked Hoonigan C5 Corvette

Hoonigan knows how to get down. This C5 Vette is destroyed – properly sent.

Lexus LFA

Lastly, this LFA made everyone jealous they weren’t sitting in traffic.

I hope you all enjoyed this portion of our SEMA 2021 coverage. As mentioned, I will be covering different aspects of the show here shortly, so stay tuned. If you enjoyed this article, you’ll probably enjoy this one. If you are not already subscribed to our magazine, click here!

Text & Photos by Ben Battles