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Import Alliance ATL is BACK!

After the spring 2020 event had to be rescheduled multiple times, Import Alliance has finally made its return to Atlanta! A handful of us attended the event over the weekend at the speedway & set up a booth. We sold out of some stickers, t-shirts & sold magazine subscriptions. But more importantly, we got to hang out with everyone in attendance & support our friends. Throughout the day, folks would stop by and say “I’ve been subscribed for years!” Or, “I remember when you guys featured my buddies ride!” – we LOVE hearing stuff like this. Import Alliance isn’t just about the cars. It’s also about the friendships you make along the way.

Without further ado, here are some of my personal favorite shots from the event:

Early Morning

Wooley and I showed up to the speedway at 7am to set up the booth. We were immediately greeted by this beautiful RWB Porsche.

Our friend Caleb, AKA Gingium brought a couple of cars to showcase at the booth. Wooley also brought his Pathfinder.

Our next door neighbors had brought a few very impressive Hondas. 

I’m a sucker for clean wagons – Stitch Boots brought theirs. Was my first time seeing the car up close & I dig it.

When the sun rose, the entire paddock area was glowing. John’s Prelude was looking perfect.

Caleb’s Miata was tucked away behind our booth – but that didn’t stop a crowd from forming around the car once the gates opened.

Not sure who owns this, but this photo stuck out of the bunch to me. The lighting, subject, colors – everything works.

There was no shortage of well executed Hondas inside of showcase – Tom’s EG hatch is one of them.

Speaking of well executed, Moe’s EK was just that. Incredibly well done. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing these cars again in the near future.

Mr Stancil brought his 4WS Prelude to the show. He’s currently working on a trailer that’s literally another Prelude back end with a hitch.

Oh my heart… Phoenix Yellow will always be a favorite of mine. This one was nicely done all around.

Very clever – possibly my favorite sticker spotted at the show.

Carlos had his R32 looking immaculate. I always enjoy seeing this car.

Elias has (in my book) the wildest 10th gen Civic out there. It’s hard to see from this angle, but his hood is clear.

This booth had one of my favorite displays – a transmission cutaway that rotated on a stand. Its always cool to see unique displays.


One of my photographer friends, Gauge, was able to get some photos of the drifting at the event.

There is definitely something for everyone at this event.


This harlequin was sporting a healthy VR6 & Ronal teddy bear wheels. Definitely on the edge of OEM+.

Let us know what you think about this body kit. Personally, I really dig it, but I know it is not everyone’s style.

Charles AKA Humble Mechanic brought his tuned Golf R. The yellow color is from a super limited factory paint program called “Spektrum”.

Lastly, I wanted to feature Rutledge Wood’s R33. Just look at it. Incredible choice of car. Check out the 90’s Carrozzeria rear speakers!

Thank you to all of the Import Alliance staff that made this show a success.

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Text by Ben Battles, Photos by Ben Battles & Gauge Sides

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