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“Cause I’m the godfather, I’m the godfather.” The first time I laid eyes on Adrian Wolf’s slammed 1986 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, I was hit with a flashback to younger-years & Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. A video game where I’d piss-away hours of my life lurking around in a black Mafia Sentinel looking for trouble lol… with The Godfather by Spoonie Gee on Flashback FM. But I digress, because… 

For Adrian Wolf, his love for mafia-styled black sedans is similar but different. 

For him, the seed was also planted in the early 2000’s. But it was a movie this time: The Transporter. Adrian was only about 10-years-old when his dad popped-in that DVD. And when Adrian’s young eyes saw Jason Statham’s character, Frank… careen through those tight city streets of Southern France in a big-bodied black BMW E38 7-Series while ducking cops & displaying the upmost precision driving? All while also keeping his cool & total composure under pressure?? Well needless to say… little Adrian was hooked. And everyday – between the violent video games, music, and movies… I’m thankful to have grown up in an era that gave us such good role models & influences lol. In part because…

Many years later, Adrian would build his very own BMW 750iL… 

Featuring BMW’s iconic 5.4L V12 M73 power plant under the hood. The car would go through an extensive 6-year restoration process. And it satisfied Adrian’s VIP lust for a while. But ultimately, Adrian would be left with the sensation of wanting… more. More luxury… more exclusivity… more gangster. You know, something that The Godfather himself, Michael Corleone, would drive. 

In Adrian’s mind, there were only two car manufactures that carried this level of prestige… 

Bentley & Rolls-Royce. Adrian elected to go with a 1986 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, favoring it’s bulky square lines and commanding presence. This particular car was 1-of-3 that he found within range. It was a little rough around the edges, and was missing a few bits here & there. But it was a running/driving example of an almost 40-year-old British relic. So Adrian schmoozed his wife into accompanying him on a road trip to inspect it… and wasted no time sealing the deal. Adrian must have… made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. (See what I did there?)

The first thing on Adrian’s Rolls-Royce to-do list 

Was to have his friend Kevin from Chopshop assist in a full once-over of the car to ensure everything was mechanically sound & safe. Once the British behemoth was given Kevin’s seal of approval, it was time for the fun stuff. Specifically – making the 80s Rolls command even MORE attention than it normally would. 

To achieve this task…

Adrian called upon Dan at Augmented Wheel Company to build a custom set of 3-piece wheels, complete with the signature Rolls-Royce floating center caps. The wheels fill-out the Rolls-Royce’s giant metal fender arches perfectly… especially when the car is aired out. 

And as you’re probably assuming… 

Bagging an 80’s primo luxury car that came from the factory with an 80’s self-leveling suspension is no simple feat. These older Rolls-Royces featured overly-complicated systems that utilized mineral oil to control both the brakes & suspension. And all of that ultimately had to be reverse-engineered in order to play nice with the aftermarket Air Lift suspension components. But – the juice was worth the squeeze. Because seeing this thing laid-out makes for quite the bold statement. 

Beyond the Rolls-Royce’s custom wheels & suspension… 

Adrian has been focused on further tidying-up the car. Because let’s face it – how much do you really need to do to a car of this stature? It’s truly one of those situations where less is more and it’s all in the details. The Rolls is getting some bodywork in preparation for a new color. And the interior & audio system is currently being upgraded to feature new leather & wood surfaces, rear tables, and a custom cigar humidor. I mean seriously – how friggin’ boss is that?

So if you’re ever up in Ontario, Canada & see a hammered Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit pull alongside you… 

With its driver wearing a tailored suit & sporting a devilish grin… with the distinct aroma of a Cuban cigar tickling your nose hairs… don’t be fooled. You’re not wacked yet. It’s just Adrian taking a leisurely ride on the town.

Photos by Run Ze and J3P Co

1986 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

Custom one-off wheels designed by Adrian, and built by Augment Wheel Company

Suspension system utilizing Air Lift components

Mechanical work by ChopShop

Custom wood & leather work on the interior

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