Self-indulgent wieners vs connoisseurs. Gone in 60 Seconds taught us the difference between the two lol. Translated into today’s modern car market, the self-indulgent wiener will likely be attracted to overpriced sports cars with bitch-sticks & built-in crackle tunes. Whereas a connoisseur might pursue something more like this questionably-legal imported R34 Nissan Skyline. And then – cut up all the OEM body panels to replace them with carbon fiber. This is Jason Garcia’s R34 Skyline GT-T.

R34 Nissan Skyline GTR

I say ‘questionably-legal’ in the paragraph above…

Because it’s questionable laws that micro-manage people, rather than protect people. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t see much protection in not allowing car enthusiasts to import dreams cars that are less than 25 years old… but as soon as they hit age 25 they’re fine? Meanwhile a Chevy Malibu with beat suspension, toasted brakes, & corded tires checks out? While the person who meticulously upkeeps their dream car gets caught-up in red tape?

Importing Skyline

Jason Garcia already has a custom carbon fiber R33 Nissan Skyline.

But of course, the holy grail is the R34 Skyline. And to own BOTH an R33 & R34… is two-thirds of the way to the 90s trifecta. The only missing piece being the R32. 

Obviously – the R35 GTRs don’t count because of the pig-looks & 2-pedals. I know that might ruffle some panties, but deep down, even R35 owners know it’s true. This is the part where R35 owners pick up their phone between reps & brag about half-mile speeds… and this is also where connoisseurs don’t care. 


Long story short, Jason had saved-up his pennies…

For a modern (but previously-owned) Porsche 911 in either GT2 or GT3 spec. But after having a cold & unwelcoming buying experience at a Porsche dealer, he came to the realization that the arrogance associated with the modern Porsche brand was not his cup of tea. So he decided to stick to his Nissan roots, and pursue an R34 Skyline in the states. 

R34 Nissan Skyline GTT

It wasn’t easy or convenient…

And it involved a series of dead-ends & a small cast of shady/unscrupulous characters. Ironically – the kind of situations that could be better controlled & alleviated if importation was just… more legal & less black market. But finally – Jason jumped through the right hoops & landed on this clean-bodied R34 Skyline. 

R34 Skyline

The R34 pretty much went straight under the knife…

As mentioned, Jason’s R33 is full custom carbon fiber bodied. So it only seemed appropriate to get the two Nissan Skylines #twinning, and do custom carbon panels on the R34 as well. This is the result. 

Nissan Skyline

It’s hard to tell in these ominous foggy photos on Blood Mountain…

But everything on this R34 Skyline is carbon fiber. Every panel has been replaced with carbon, except the doors & pillars, which have been overlaid for safety reasons. In total, Jason got the Skyline down to 2,700lbs (from about 3,100bs stock).

This R34 makes just under 600hp on E85… 

It looks like something out of your deepest, darkest JDM dreams & fantasies. Jason Garcia, however, drives this car regularly in the flesh. When it’s not this car, it’s the R33. As you probably just guessed, Jason does not reside in California, but in Florida, where police officers have better shit to do than impound an awesome ride for BS reasons. 

• Photos by Sinh Nguyen

Carbon fiber skyline

R34 Skyline GT-T (RWD; RB25DET)


Silvers Neo Max coilovers

Nismo & GKTech suspension components

GKTech rear steering delete

Ray 57CR


Yellow speed brakes

6-piston front drilled slotted

4-piston rear drilled slotted

Steel braided lines

Wheels & Tires:

Rays 57CR wheels

Nitto 555g2 tires (245/40/18 front, 275/40/18 rear)


Sparco blue seats

Carbon steering wheel

NRG quick release hub

Center painted professionally blue

MFD surround

Takata 4-point harness

Nissan Skyline


GTR wing (carbon)

Z-Tune fenders, skirts, & rear bumper (carbon)

Nismo front bumper, front lip, hood, & rear diffuser (carbon)

Everything else was custom-made in carbon fiber


Tomei head gasket 1.5

ARP head studs

GTR valve covers

Spitfire coil packs

Tomei timing belt

N1 water pump 

Precision 6466 turbo

CX Racing exhaust manifold

GReddy intake manifold

Radium fuel rail

ID injectors 1350

Carbon intake

AEM 340lph fuel pump

Tomei titanium full exhaust

Haltech Platnium Pro with IC-7 dash

R34 Skyline

R34 Skyline

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