This past weekend, I made it out to the first grassroots style drift event we’ve had here in the city of Atlanta in about 8 months. I’ve made it to a few out of town practice days over the past few months, but there’s something really fun about being able to hop in my drift car, drive 30 minutes down the road, and have a laid back day of sliding with a ton of really good friends. Thankfully, Marcos at Southeastdrift took charge and is hosting a 3-part event at Turner Field in downtown Atlanta called the Triple Threat, and last weekend was a great start to this series.

The day was set up as a simple practice event, and had a fun course layout with 2 possible entries that would give you the option to either loop around to the left or right in the main turn of the course, which I though was really fun. There was also a tandem group for some of drivers, and I had a blast running with my good friend Erin in his LS1-powered S13 throughout the day. None of our normal staff photographers were able to make it out to the event, but my friend Nendel (aka Andy aka VRT eggroll) was out, and snapped a few shots with my camera. Some of the highlights are shown below, and a full gallery is up here.

Byron Hill, guest graphic designer for S3 and Team Rowdy/DriftMechaniks member

Shawn Smith (aka ShawnShawn), another driver for Team Rowdy/DriftMechaniks

Marcos Ruiz, President of Southeastdrift, piloting his LS1-powered S13

Matt Foerst of Foerst Motorwerks leading a tandem run with Dan Willie of Batlground Motorsports

Myself running tandem with Erin Sanford of team DriftMechaniks/Redstar Performance/Gran Turismo East

Adam Struka of DGTrials in his KA-T powered S14

One of the more fun runs of the day, triple tandem with myself, Erin, and Marcos

Again, huge thanks to Southeastdrift for bringing Atlanta events back to life! The next event will also be at Turner Field on Saturday, June 28, and I’d highly encourage stopping by if you’re at all interested in drifting.