Yeah the mini truck scene died. But it almost had to die. Because mini trucks were so expressive, so individualized, and so anchored in the 80s/90s rad-era… that they honestly couldn’t survive the new world when it shifted. When styles & colors got diluted. When all the jet skis went to white or black… instead of neon yellow, pink, purple, and teal. 

GMC Sonoma mini truck

You know what I’m talking about…

Or hell… maybe you don’t. Maybe you weren’t there for it. But when you look at these photos & the way this flamingo GMC Sonoma brings life to the scenery around it… you can feel the warmth can’t ya. It just puts you in that good mood. That’s what mini truckin’ was all about. 

And that’s how life was at the rad-era pace. Loud… but mellow. Saucy… but simple. These days it’s gone all the opposite direction hasn’t it? Think about it. 

mini truck

Taking yourself too seriously… is effectively enslaving yourself. 

I think a lot of people aren’t building cars for themselves anymore. They’ve become so influenced that they’re empty. And maybe that’s why mini trucks are making such a comeback within car culture now. It’s not necessarily the trucks themselves that people are gravitating towards… it’s the mood of it all. The styling & the refreshing vibrance. The lack of parameters & boundaries. There’s just something magnetic about it.

lowrider truck

Cori Grimes admins the @stanced_minitrucks Instagram page. 

Definitely go like the page for daily mini truck inspiration. But this… is Cori’s GMC Sonoma. Cori came up around minis… and also imports. And over time, everything just sort of blended together. He prefers static trucks on a personal level. And to that end, this GMC Sonoma is on white 17×10 BBSs with Viking coilovers up front (with Swift springs). And the rear is on 6” drop blocks with a notched frame & mono leaf. 

This is actually Cori’s ‘other truck’, while he works on a ’92 Toyota Pickup with an RB20 swap. Cant wait to see how that one turns out! 

Photos by Cole Swentner – @coalsweatshirt

S10 mini truck

pink mini truck

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