The Acura Integra Type-S is coming. It should arrive in mid/later 2023. Basically – expect it to be Acura’s version of the new FL5 Civic Type-R. It ain’t rocket science lol… that’s just exactly what it is. Same taco; slightly different sauce. Maybe just a little nicer touches on the interior. But the Integra Type-S will have the same ~300hp 2.0 vtec-turbo engine as the Civic Type-R, and will also only be available with a 6-speed manual with limited-slip.

integra type-s front

Anyone with eyes & honesty knows…

Acura butchered the new Integra design. But ummm… look at the photo above. Did they? We can either keep holding onto that hate (still understandable lol). OR we can try to start looking at it as a glass-half-full situation. Because aside from aesthetics, Honda/Acura is in fact bringing us everything we want: A widebody ‘roided-out Type-S Teggy with a real transmission. Plus – I get a feeling that the widebody & aggressive bumpers makes this car all-the-sudden a lot more acceptable. 

It makes sense that the Civic Type-R will be more limited in production numbers than the Integra Type-S. Therefore you can logically expect the Integra Type-S to be more in stock & available after the initial release. That should mean no dealer markups… at least it better. We’re estimating just under $50,000 for the Integra Type-S. So potentially even with the Integra Type-S’s higher sticker price over the Civic Type-R… the Type-S might actually be the less expensive car when you add markups. Yes – $50,000 on an Integra can (and should) be shocking & irritating. But hell – so is the price of damn everything these days. A new Lexus IS350 F Sport hits 50k, and that’s in the same segment/ballpark. The Lexus is sharp, but I’d personally choose the sports-sedan with the manual transmission as God intended. This Integra Type-S’s success will come down to availability, and whether or not today’s enthusiasts can see value in $50,000 sport-compacts.

integra type-s side

integra type-s front

integra type-s rear