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Toyota / Lexus has been criticized by some… for falling behind in the EV race. But I believe they are being cautious and careful. Toyota & Lexus have a history of longevity, durability, customer loyalty, and high resale value. And I don’t think that Toyota is playing a short/rushed game when it comes to EVs… nor should they have to. Think: The tortoise versus the hare.

Toyota has more to lose than a lot of the other manufacturers…

As Toyota makes great internal combustion & hybrid vehicles. A lot of car manufacturers that were the quickest to boast a full transitions to EV… never made vehicles with great value, longevity, or reliability in the first place. Lol… so what do they really have to lose? Really – what does Volvo or Mitsubishi have to lose by going full-scale electric? It’s an opportunity for them. But hype is not why people buy Toyotas… and a lot of people buy Toyotas. 

Nevertheless, Toyota & Lexus are setting up their next-gen EVs.

It’s all part of an EV revamping strategy that should realistically come to market in 2026. Why so long? Because Toyota is not going to rush vehicles to market just because others are doing it. Toyota is approaching their next-gen EV chassis completely differently than their internal combustion cars. A little while back Toyota engineers dissected a Tesla, and remarked on how impressed they were with the wisdom behind certain engineering components. I believe it sent them back to the drawing board in a way, to reexamine the strategy, & build the best electric vehicle they could. My main hopes here, and I’m honestly not too concerned, is that 1) Toyota & Lexus continue to approach ALL options of vehicle propulsion. And 2) That they approach the next-gen EV architecture with the same priority of longevity & durability that’s always gone into their internal combustion vehicles. Toyota has historically been a brand for all walks of life. They make vehicles for people with varying automotive interests, needs, and uses. And I hope, & have faith, that under Koji Sato, that will remain the case.

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