You ever find yourself defending assholes… just because they’re the lesser of two evils? Well that’s my current location lol. Because what we see here is a Tesla driver complaining about a diesel truck rolling coal on him. And while we’ve all been less-then-amused at some point by diesel-clowns rolling coal for their boyfriends… we’re not losing any sleep over it. But this guy Nathan is. Not only did Nate get all sanctimonious on social media. But this Tesla owner also expressed his disappointment toward Tesla as well… saying that he wishes his Model 3 had a better air filtration system? Jesus. That’s what Tesla gets for making wieners their demographic. 

But let the record state – there’s a solid chance this is not about #Natewiki at all.

I know car culture pretty well. And judging from the the body language of these trucks spread across the highway at 55mph, there’s a damn good chance these brodozers were just a few buddies stuntin’. Their rock lights were illuminated. And it’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks like a window’s down on the left-lane truck. Meaning hell… odds are they’re probably just snapping pics for Instagram at golden hour.

Now I’m not condoning driving under the influencer… or being a bunch of dickbags. But Tesla Boy literally jumped into the lane behind the truck with black soot all over the tailgate”. Even battery-loving Biden himself would have been coherent enough to know these boys were about to rip & roll coal. It’s entirely possible, nay probable, that this was not a blockade at all, as Nate claims. And that these trucks literally didn’t give 2-shits about the EV behind them. It’s not bad blood… they probably thought your Tesla was just a smudge of bird shit on their rearview mirror. Nice way to make it about you though, and turn yourself into a victim of some sort of EV hate crime. 

#Natewiki posted his experience to Twitter.

And really, this became not so much about one-man #Natewiki, as it did about ‘the comments’. See, Teslarati picked up on Nate’s tweet, causing droves of regulation-seeking weenies to flock to the comments section, calling for action against such primitive MAGA behavior. One commenter suggested that the EPA get patrol vehicles to monitor the roads. Waaadafuuuuk. These people actually walk among us? Another commenter chimed-in saying that these trucks should be seized & destroyed. Ah yes brilliant – implement the seizure of property based on someone’s interpretation of what’s ethically or environmentally appropriate.

Even Nate says in his tweet, “This should be illegal.” Actually Nate, it is illegal. But yeah definitely make sure to put your suggestions in the box.

To sum this up…

Nate broke the golden rule of car culture that binds us: I-never-narc’d-on-nobody. You narc’d Nate. And in doing so, you & your comment section posse forgot the most basic concept of America. Which is like: no one needs your fucking permission or approval. I get it, screw those coal rolling guys that shit’s lame lol. But also next time – try not being such a vagina about it?

Hell you’re in a Tesla, pass them all right in the middle of their coal-rolling sesh. You had the chance to make this a boss move, and you fumbled it.

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