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Typically speaking, I like onions better than unions. I’ve always tended to empathize more with the people who RUN the company. Simply because – they tend to see the whole picture’ of what is takes to bring a product to market. A union has a much narrower interest (themselves), and it’s much less bothered with the big picture. I’m simplifying it, but unions usually want more pay with less hours, regardless of the burden it puts on their employer. And/or – regardless of the final cost it puts on consumers. At least that’s how it appears from the outside looking in. So in that general regard, I’m not a fan of the UAW. But hear me out, because…

These days… I’m not a fan of the CEOs either. 

If your waiting for me to defend the generation of automotive CEOs who destroyed car culture… it ain’t gonna happen. 

Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, makes something like $111,000 per DAY! Let that sink in. Yet the auto industry is experiencing more self inflicted (and government-inflicted) problems than ever before. 

The auto industry has become 100% fixated on trying to be just… like… Tesla. Not for the environment… but for the profit. If you read these CEO’s routine statements, all arrows are pointing directly in the direction of – eliminating workers (and dealers) in favor of automating production (and sales). So do I blame the UAW for trying to get what they can while they can?? I don’t. Especially not while CEOs like Ford’s Jim Farley poor-mouth in front of a camera about bankruptcy while hemorrhaging billions on EV follies. 

UAW auto union strike


The UAW will end up being the legacy automotive CEO’s scapegoat. When all of this sh¡t once again steamrolls downhill… and when consumers once again get boned with high prices & low supply on garbage products, it won’t be the bad leadership that caused it (sarcasm). Or the billions-on-billions spent forcing an EV + autonomous agenda on consumers. And it certainly won’t have anything to do with overcomplicated, overpriced vehicles… with over-the-air updates & planned obsolescence. Naaaah – it’ll be those greedy union workers that caused all the problems.

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