Influential ultra-progressive investors of Toyota are now calling to remove Akio Toyoda from the board entirely at Toyota’s June 14 shareholder meeting. Akio stepped down as CEO on April 1st of this year (replaced by Koji Sato from Lexus), but Akio still remained on the board. The issue for these investors is, I believe Akio and Koji are just a little too like-minded & chummy. And Akio is historically cautious to rush to full-scale EV adoption just because it is the current trend/agenda. 

Akio Toyoda is virtually the only automotive leader…

With the courage to express his concerns about diving head-first into full-scale EV adoption. And whether or not you personally agree with him… really isn’t the point. The point is: we deserve to hear the experts. Akio is presenting facts. But the people who pull the strings don’t care about facts. In fact… they’re silencing them.

Akio toyota resign

Akio Toyota has a lifetime of collected knowledge & wisdom about the automotive industry & manufacturing cars.

He was born into the Toyota family, and he has led Toyota first-hand. I would bet – the investors now calling for his resignation have no idea (and absolutely don’t care) what a 4AGE, AW11, or AE86 is. The point is: They don’t know the brand, and they are not investing into the best future for Toyota. They’re investing into the best future that backs their other investments. For illustration – if I were one of these investors, & I happened to ALSO be even more heavily invested in cobalt & lithium mining… it would be in my best interest to silence anyone who was not 100% promoting the EV agenda. The wealth & influence is almost unfathomable. And if Akio and/or Toyota is a casualty… so be it. These investors are using their power to silence Akio Toyoda… in order to continue stacking the deck in their favor. And to keep all the useful idiots (like you & me) misinformed & compliant. 

It’s been said many times, and it should go without saying:

We need to be listening to the smartest people in the room when it comes to a strategy for EV adoption. Akio Toyoda has earned the platform to speak… and it would behoove everyone to listen. Why are other automotive leaders not speaking? As a society, we should not put all of our eggs in one basket & silence anyone who points out a flaw in the basket. We’re past that point, it’s not necessary, and the automotive industry has options. Who decided EVs are the best & only way forward… and everything else gets shelved without consideration?

Akio Toyoda

Toyota is the company that pioneered hybrid vehicles, remember? Before it was “cool”.

Toyota has put more than 23 million hybrids, plug-ins, and full EVs on the road. More than every other company combined. Most of those were under the leadership of Akio Toyoda. So this call for resignation is NOT about Toyota’s failure to be progressive & innovative & sustainable & green. No – this is about powerful people silencing a voice of wisdom that is questioning the agenda. It exemplifies everything that is wrong with publicly traded companies. And it’s made the automotive industry incredibly vulnerable to manipulation.

Additional Source –> Wall Street Journal

Akio toyota resign

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