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17 states are married to California’s emissions laws. And now, Virginia is the FIRST of those 17 states to officially break away. SEMA President & CEO, Mike Spagnola’s says…

“Virginia is now the first state in the nation to untangle itself from California’s emissions standards and EV mandates. We applaud Governor Youngkin for this bold action that rejects the notion that California should determine policies for nearly half of American consumers. We urge other states to follow Virginia’s lead.”

Glenn Youngkin is the current governor of Virginia. And it was Youngkin’s predecessor who tied the state to California’s emission standards in 2021, which included California’s 100% EV mandate by 2035. Youngkin says…

“It defies common sense that in 2021, lawmakers decided that instead of writing our own electric vehicle laws, Virginia would simply do whatever California decided to do. Because lawmakers outsourced their responsibilities and surrendered our values to California, Virginians face a mandate starting in 2024 that limits and eventually bans the buying of gas-powered cars or trucks. Unless we act, Virginia is hostage to the extreme policies of California. Common sense says that the law of Virginia should be written by elected leaders here, not outsourced to radical bureaucrats in California.”

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