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As a car enthusiast, I never imagined I’d be fed up with new cars. Or that new car releases would annoy me more than they excited me. Then again, I never thought I’d have to witness the alluring & captivating automotive industry ‘appliance itself’. Can we bring back the driving experience & the freedom it delivers? Bring back some responsibility & common sense? Put some 3rd-pedals back into cars, and remove the dashboard distractions that completely aggravate the driving experience while stripping automotive designers of their real creativity & potential?

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The tech is way out of hand… 

It’s massively unsafe, not to mention an annoyance. With government seemingly trying to regulate every aspect of our lives these days, who’s regulating that? Collectively, we’re turning a blind eye to the very real danger of distracted driving. And instead – we’re letting overbearing government agencies fixate on evermore “safety mandates” like Intelligent Speed Assist. NOT to create better drivers… but to put more & more bandaids on bad ones. 

Red Evo

We’re going the wrong direction… 

You can’t legally hold a phone while driving in most states. Yet carmakers can legally put gaggles of giant screens in new vehicles?! Clearly, we’ve become too tech-enamored to even think in our own best interest. 

Subscriptions are creeping into vehicles… 

Automakers are searching for ways to normalize subscriptions, aka holding features hostage in the car you purchased. For example – monthly payments to access your heated seats… in the car that you already bought with heated seats. Not to mention, some new vehicles are monitoring driver’s eye moments, taking control of the steering wheel & brakes, and literally reminding us not to forget our children in the backseat.

Lifted Lexus GX

Ladies & gentlemen, behold the automotive future… 

We’ve entered a future of relinquished control & responsibility, and substantially increased debt. A future that leaves us vulnerable & dependent on electronics. And a future where you’re a passenger in the driver’s seat. Car manufacturers take note: We don’t want “mobility”… we want to DRIVE. Save “mobility” for public transportation.

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