I’ve known yo for over 10 years now… and his attention to detail has always astonished me. It always has. It actually makes me feel like crap about myself haha. Because i’m just more of a “fix it with a sticker or a ziptie and worry about it later” sorta dude. Anything that i have ever tried to get to this level of perfection… i never finish. But yo’s got that personality for it. He’s got the patience for ‘detail’. He’s got that ability to sick with one thing, and see it through to perfection. It kinda makes me think we need to get him helping us with this mag, because it would probably come out as a leather-bound book… hand delivered to your house by a guy with a waxed mustache and a British accent. Not really – too many Volkswagen creampuffs would be in it (lol…joke, joke).

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Head work Ported and Polished
Intake manifold and T-body ported to match intake
Techtonics Software
Mk4 headgasket
41mm intake valves
268 Techtonics cams w/high rev springs
Lightened flywheel

Euro manual seats belts
Recaro seats
Alpine head unit
Polk speakers
Spoonfedtuning door speaker pods
JL audio 5×500 amp
8” Boston sub
Custom interior uplostery by Love’s Trim Shop

Euro French E-codes headlights
Euro tail lamps
Spoonfedtuning larger rear spoiler
90mm front spoiler
Custom Foglamps

BBS 17×8.5 CH
12.3” front brakes conversion

Assist motorsports (Scott Weekes), Luigi Longhi (all the body work/paint), Carlik Jones, Jeremy Lewis, Miki Bajric, Eurowise tuning/fabrication, Miguel Bovino, Alex Automotve, James Caro, Kip Love (Love’s Trim shop), Tim Murray..VW Vortex Corrado members..