A purist’s opinion on the new Nissan Z….

It’s a turbocharged engine in what’s basically a 2-generation-old platform.

AND – that could actually be the perfect recipe! Because 2 generations ago… Japanese car manufacturers still understood soul & sensation. They knew what a sports car was… and they were damn legendary at making one. Then the rules changed, and things got too complicated. 

New car chassis have gotten ‘TOO good’.

And by good, I mean boring, predictable, and numb. There’s nothing truly fun to talk about anymore. They’ve all assimilated… thus losing a lot of their uniqueness. Looking back at the greatest sports cars of history, it’s always been their nuances that made them so captivating. That’s where the magic is; not in perfection. 

New Z pure sports car

So that being said, with the new Nissan Z…

A brand new revised 15-year-old platform’ might be EXACTLY what the doctor ordered!! Love it or hate it, this new Z is ALL Nissan baby! No collaborations, no shared chassis, and no BS. If you look towards the future & hate where the automotive industry is going with these germaphobey, 21st-century, over-mandated transportation pods… you have options. You can walk into a Nissan dealership in a few months, stretch out payments on a brand new 6-speed turbocharged Z, and really not have to give a damn as you skrrrrt into the sunset.

New Z iconic

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