Import Alliance car show

So Ben Battles calls me last Saturday morning, and says I HAVE to get my ass down to Underground Atlanta for Get Low: Atlanta hosted by Atlantic Street Movement (ASM). I didn’t go, because I was balls-deep in my CRX trying to get vtec to work… which I did btw. But dang man look – Ben Battles goes to A LOT of events. He’s fully accustomed to this stuff… it ain’t his first rodeo. So the genuine, unrestrained excitement in his voice as he called me from Get Low threw me for a loop. I knew it had to be something special unfolding. (These are Ben’s photos.)

Scion FRS

car show D live music


I’m not sure how Atlantic Street Movement (ASM) pulled this off… 

But Get Low: Atlanta was held at Underground Atlanta right in the heart of downtown. It’s a shopping district that literally goes underground beneath the city. The thing is… 

Toyota Centry

Acrua NSX

FRS 86 stance

Man I thought this place closed years ago…

But apparently, it’s in a “redevelopment phase”, which is perhaps how Get Low was able to pull this off. But one thing’s for sure, Underground Atlanta provided an absolutely unique & energizing atmosphere for a car show. One that was cinematic, and encompassed the Atlanta atmosphere completely. 

Nissan Z stance

Lowered new integra

Lexus LS lowered

Imagine an early-day Riverside Chattanooga vibe, but in Atlanta… 

Ben Battles said it had that same energy. An energy where car culture mixed fluidly with the city’s surroundings. And the city added an element of vibrancy that a that a typical indoor/outdoor car-show venue just can’t replicate. Almost like a flash mob for lack of a better explanation. Meaning, this event happened… smack-dab in the middle of a bustling backdrop/city that was already happening. I could hear it in Ben’s voice, this one was special. 

Underground Atlanta

bagged GR86

Lowered GS 300


I have no idea if Atlantic Street Movement will attempt this again…

Or if it was a 1 time, seize-the-moment type of scenario. But if you want to keep yourself in the loop, connect with Atlanta Street Movement (ASM) on socials. Khris Means is one of the main illustrators behind Atlantic Street Movement. And Atlanta-local, Keckster had a big hand in planning/promoting this particular event in Atlanta. 

slammed 350Z

widebody FRS

G37 carbon hood

get low Atlanta

BMW wheels

lowered Corolla hatch

lowered Veloster

C4 Corvette

C4 Corvette

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•get low; and also get the free S3 Magazine app!•  (android)

Import Alliance car show