This video below is important to watch & share, because it exemplifies how some Tesla drivers use their Tesla’s technology as a crutch. And it’s a reminder that you should keep a heightened & discriminating sense of awareness around Teslas on the roadways. 

This Tesla driver was allegedly under the influence…

And was using Tesla’s autopilot to help him get home safely & steer clear of cops… neither one of which panned out for him did it. But what can we learn?

Learn to pay special attention to the ‘body language’ of Teslas on the road.

If they seem to be behaving robotically, keep a sharp eye on them. Assume nothing. Because they might do something robotically stupid at any moment… like drive straight into the back of 4 cop cars with their emergency lights on. The fact that this Tesla drove past 3 stopped flatbed tow trucks on the shoulder (lit-up with emergency/caution lights) as well as 1 white Tahoe… and never yielded a lane for courtesy… that should have your attention.

tesla crash

If you have teenage drivers and/or other loved ones in your household with a driver’s license…

Teach them that they should practice defensive driving ALWAYS… but that Teslas are specifically different. And that Tesla is using public roadways as a testbed for their autonomous technology. In other words, the driver of a Tesla may very well be even less alert… than the regular dummies on the road. The driver of a Tesla may in fact not be ‘a driver’ at all. And if you have cyclists on the family, make sure they understand as well.

tesla driver falls asleep

If you are stopped at a stoplight or in traffic… 

And a Tesla is approaching from behind you… pay attention. Especially if there may be ‘hazy’ visibility. If you’re on a 2-lane road & a Tesla is approaching you from the other direction… pay attention. And again, pay extra attention anytime there is sun-glare or hazy visibility. 

In conclusion… 

The future is dumb, but you don’t have to be. 

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