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Porsche is in some hot water after editing-out a well known statue of Jesus Christ from the background of a new commercial. The statue is known as The Sanctuary of Christ the King in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s a monument that was built to praise God for (*cough cough) sparing Portugal from Nazi destruction in WWII. Take that last tidbit of info into account… and it gets awkward on a few levels that German-based Porsche removed it.

Porsche removed Jesus Chris commercial

Look though, in “the age of being offended”

You’re damned-if-you-do AND damned-if-you-don’t from a marketing perspective. Porsche probably removed the statue of Jesus Christ in attempts to be religiously neutral & not offend or exclude anybody. But in doing so, they offended Christians, and understandably so. Porsche apologized & removed the video/commercial. 

Porsche offended christians

Here’s a thought:

Just film your damn Porsche commercial literally anywhere else, and avoid the situation entirely? FFS. Nevertheless, a core element of the Christian faith rests in grace & forgiveness. So let’s practice it. And if we’re gonna be offended by Porsche, it should be for the right reasons… making EVs & SUVs. 

EDIT 8/10/23… the statue is back now (see commercial below)

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