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Pants… I mean "PINKS" Party

So the Mahdavi Motorsports guys got on PINKS, right. And it aired last night… so they had a little get together at the shop and we all watched it together. Mahdavi was sporting the Yellow 2JZ Cressida. Looks about as sexy...

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Ikea Adventures

Today, Wooley and I made our way down to Ikea to start grabbing up stuff for the new office. We made a couple of scouting trips last week to start looking at stuff and finally returned today with a few dollars in hand (thanks to...

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S3 is moving!

First of all, welcome to the new S3 blog. We’ve been meaning to start one of these things for ages but didn’t exactly get around to it until now. Be sure to check back often as this is way easier to update than our...

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