Be stronger, tougher, more weathered/textured… a little more stubborn, and a little less compliant in your life. Reject easy. 

As a people, we’ve gotten too soft too quick.

It’s crazy-concerning how we’ve lost so much character so fast… going after the path of least resistance. As a society, we’ve become dependent on our own conveniences & comforts. Just take food for example…

Not that long ago in this country (5-7 generations depending on region?), you had to hunt or ranch… to eat. You had to farm… to eat. Land had to be plowed, cared for, and crops harvested. It was a life-consuming task. 
Then came markets. Independent food markets. You could go to the produce store for produce. And/or the butcher shop for meat. That made life a lot more convenient, and it also built a sense of local community. 

Then came supermarkets, where people could get all their food under one roof. Cheeses from all around the world, and an entire isle of brightly-colored cereals. They even invented shopping carts you could slide around. Neat. 

But now – we’re moving into an era even past that. We order food online. Somebody goes & does the shopping for us, and then they anonymously deliver it to our house. Have we crossed a line with that? There’s no human interaction and no community… just data-collection. What happens when your health insurance won’t cover your heart attack because they saw that, from 2025-2032, you bought too many Twinkies for the amount of steps recorded on your Fitbit or Apple Watch? Conspiracy theorist? Lol hopefully… but we’ll see… 

Ok so what’s the trade-off?

What are we doing with all this convenience & time savings of the modern world? Are we enriching our lives in other valuable, meaningful ways? Or are we just using it to digitally consume more of something else.

It’s very evident that modern life has made everything easier for us. In my opinion, to a very alarming fault……. and to an inevitable breaking-point on the horizon. 

So I would encourage you to deliberately & consciously ‘break away from easy’ from time to time. Push yourself a little bit, and find reward & fulfillment in the effort it takes.

At S3, we speak through cars. It’s the common thread here. We understand that building cars builds character & grit. And we understand there are senses sparked behind the wheel of a good car… that center & recalibrate us. 

So maybe push yourself to develop an attraction to cars that are a bit more analogue & retro. Cars that really speak to your senses. Cars that are more passionate/soulful, less convenient, and more physical. Because those things matter… they really do. 

Anyway – those are just some thoughts I just had as I’m riding my Peloton… because I didn’t feel like putting in the effort to actually load-up my bike & head to the trails today.

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Text by Wooley