ACT clutch

When I say ‘Wagovan’, most of us all have the same exact picture pop up in our heads these days. We picture a Wagovan – slammed, stanced, fresh paint, with a bike rack, maybe a rusted hood, and a woodgrain steering wheel… sitting at Eibach or Import Alliance. Shit – and I have no problem with that. I love Wagovans that look like that. Buuuuuuut… now I love Wagovans that look like this too! Haha. I love anything that incorporates ‘style’ with a ‘purpose’. Incorporates style with their individual LIFEstyle. The owner is Brian, and he works over at Hasport. For those of you who are familiar with Hasport… they’re located out in Arizona. And for those of you who are familiar with Arizona… it’s pretty good trail-country out there, right? So this is what happens when a die-hard Honda guy wants to get back to his human roots… and go camping/hiking/biking/crawling in the desert. But it’s also what happens when he wants to stay true to his other roots… and do it a little differently in a modded Honda…

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K24a4 Accord engine
2004 CRV 5-speed 4wd transmission
2004 CRV rear differential custom mounted to the
Custom made center driveline
2004 RSX shifter box
2004 RSX axles and intermediate shaft
1997 CRV rear axles
Reworked OEM K24 header
Custom 2.5” exhaust
Karcepts fuel rail
Karcepts alternator relocater
Hasport CMA
Hasport left and right k-swap mounts
Custom bri-wire rear mount and bracket
2004 RSX engine harness modified by bri-wire…
custom plug and play no jumper or subharness
Hondata k-pro tuned by Locash racing

1996 Integra GSR wheels
205-70-15 Yokohama Geolander A/T tires – 26.5” tall
1993 Integra rear struts and springs
1998 Civic front struts
1993 Accord strut forks
1991 Wagovan front springs

JDM Beagle bull bar
PIAA lights with OEM fog light switch
USDM roof rack
OEM antenna block off
EDM license plate holder rear
Rear door handles in front doors… no key hole 🙂
Custom mud and dirt graphics

1991 Civic Si front seats
EDM center console
1991 JDM CRX Si-R cluster
OEM CRV picnic table
99 Civic Si CD player