You’ve probably heard the people say, “With age comes wisdom”. But that’s not totally the point… It’s probably a little more accurate to say, “With experience comes wisdom”. Age has a lot to do with it, but that’s only because you’ve had more time to gain experience… to learn from your successes and learn from your mistakes. And to learn that our daily trivial problems in life really do have a way of working themselves out. So if you’re gonna take anything away from that ‘With age comes wisdom’ cliché, let it be – not to run away from life. We all know a couple people (or at least someone) who is sooooo scared to f*ck up… that they just never do anything. They never take a chance. They never let go… and let life carry them. And they think that they are doing it ‘the right way’. They think they are being responsible, frugal, smart, prepared, disciplined. But the truth is – that mindset is going to be the exact thing that holds them back from ever doing something truly outstanding. Because they’re always gonna stay safely between the lines… inside the boundaries. They’re never gonna experience real success. And for the record, ‘success’ is another thing that a lot of us lose understanding of. We’ve learned, through what we see in our f*cked up society, to tie ‘success’ too closely to ‘money’… when it should be tied more closely to ‘contentment’. If you’re at ease with the results of your life, if you’re satisfied with the results of your hard work, and if you’re comfortable with the results of your decisions/actions – then you’re successful. End of story. The money is imaginary… it’s just paper… it’s not real. It’s society’s dog treat for making us behave… and sitting
when we were supposed to sit. But that’s what we look up to, idolize, and respect..

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Blitz Power LMD air filter,
BEGi throttle body inlet pipe,
BEGi 2.5” mid-pipe,
5-Zigen Super Lap axle-back exhaust,
Forge recirculating bypass valve,
CX Racing
FMIC (black),
Samco Sport coolant hoses,
Beatrush radiator cooling panel and oil filler cap,
Blitz radiator cap,
garageSTAR aluminum wiper cowl,
Moddiction dress up bolts

Stance GR+ coilovers,
Power Stop slotted/drilled rotors,
Power Stop Z16 ceramic brake pads

16×8.25 +0 XXR 527’s, 205/40/16 Falken Ziex ZE-512’s,
Muteki super tuner lugnuts (black),
ARP extended wheel studs, Fatlace black/gold dice valvestem caps

Flossy Gold-E-Locks shift knob,
garageSTAR 2.25” shift extension,
!njoy Carlife visor blanking plates,
Grip Royal Royal Burns steering wheel,
Baller Bolts
gold titanium steering wheel hardware,
NRG slim hub, Hard Dog M2 sport roll bar, Stri X-Line v2 52mm
boost gauge, ATI ez-pod gauge pod, GROM Audio AUX
interface adapter

Track Dog Racing front splitter, EZ Lip, ACM side splitters
(custom one-off), garageSTAR license plate relocation
bracket, DDM Tuning HIDs

Sebastian Marin for the shots, Matt Waln and Allen
Rosenberger of Factory 55 for everything you guys
have done, Nick Bischof (NickRolled!) for rolling my at
the time rust infested fenders, Bryan Harvey for the
endless hours of wrench time (working through the
night, sleeping in removed car seats and late night
Sheetz runs!), Matt Bobst and MCB Customz for fixing
the rust and breathing new life into the car, Shine
& Line for the undercoating, everyone at PTuning and
CWB, my best friends Jeff and Kris for calling me gay
all the time for driving an orange Miata (lol), all my
Dumped! Crew homies, Ali, Sim, Greg, Ed, Chris M
and Chris C, Jovany, Kyle and everyone else who ever
lent a hand or talked me into keeping (and finishing)
the rust bucket project.