Can we officially call it? The Hummer EV is a 9,000lb pile of shit. And I don’t intend on letting GM forget it either.

But in fact, it’s not just GM. There have been 3 Big Three unforgivables in the past couple years. 1) Ford’s Mach E Mustang… a 4-door crossover EV mock-ery of a real Mustang. 2) The castrated EV Dodge Charger with a speaker (sorry, Fratzonic chamber… they’re words) that makes muscle car noises. 3) GMC’s off-road Hummer EV… that can’t stand up to rocks or rain.

Watch this video above, featuring the Hummer in Moab ^^^^ 

These are the same guys who got stuck in this Hummer EV because it was wet. And now – this man is immediately dead in his tracks in Moab. Hell – he barely gets rolling before he gets bricked lol. Seriously, the new Honda Pilot would have done better. As a Jeep owner, watching this video is equal parts satisfying… and maddening. I can’t believe this is our reality in 2023. And I can’t believe this is what car manufacturers are telling us is ‘rugged’. Equally as disheartening, I can’t believe all these yuppie tech sock-humpers are actually buying into this stuff. No wait a minute… yes I can. These are the same people who have an app for their toothbrush. Jesus. I’m honestly surprised they can still pee without their phone telling them to. In all seriousness though – the car industry is rapidly turning itself into a joke… a real bad one. They’re losing credibility. We’re going backwards. 


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