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Update to the 6/6 article: Shareholders rejected the activist investors’ push to oust Akio Toyoda… from Toyota. Translation: The ultra-progressives’ attempt at a hostile takeover failed. Akio is still on the board, and it’s nice to see the good guys win sometimes. To be clear – this was an attempted power-play to silence an influential voice of wisdom in the automotive industry. Speak out against the agenda & voice valid concerns… and you’re a target. In this case, they’ll go so far as to try & remove you from your own family’s company – that’s the magnitude of the threat here. But what’s amusing is… 

Anyone paying attention to the auto industry these days… 

Has realized this greenwashed EV movement is full of grandiose promises & EV fairytale stories… often with lackluster followthrough. It’s more about – ensuring the CEOs say the right things. Throw the word ‘sustainable’ in there, excite the dummies, and get the powerful peoples’ nod of approval so you don’t get cut from the show… the bad reality TV show. And if you break all your empty promises oh well… just deflect & blame Covid. There’s not much integrity left in the auto industry.

Akio toyota resign

Up to this point, Toyota hasn’t gone that route. 

Toyota has been approaching the EV frenzy NOT with dismissal, but with a calm wisdom & honesty amidst the chaos. And they’ve been mocked & criticized for that. 

Akio toyota leader

But Toyota seems to be playing the game now…

People want a show?? …Ok they’ll get one. During Toyota’s shareholder meeting on June 14th, Toyota pulled out their magic wand & stated they’ve – cracked the code, and overcome a hurdle on some really advanced secret EV stuff that’ve been working on. And now – with perfect timing, they’ve found a way to use next-generation solid-state batteries that will be good for 700-miles of range. No, make that 900! All while being much less expensive to make. And much faster to charge. Toyota says it’ll all be gift wrapped & ready for market by 2027/28. Nice move Toyota…way to get ’em off your back & buy yourself some time. 

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