JL Wrangler offroad

As a Jeep owner & advocate, I really soaked-up the opportunity to drive the new, top-of-the-line JL Rubicon. And you know… being a Jeep owner… we couldn’t just pose this thing in the gravel/weeds behind a grocery store & make it appear OFF-ROAD. We felt an moral...

A Mud Bath is Still a Bath

Back in the 60s Porsche has a long history dating back to the 1960s of competing in Rallye racing. Most noticeably - with ‘Quick Vic’ Elford stealing the silverware for 1st in the on-road/off-road Rallye Monte Carlo of 1968… all the way through to the manufacturer...

Errbody in the Club Gettin Swifty

The Mating of Two Extremes. 1) The goofiest little car. 2) The hottest street bike motor. …Both from the same manufacturer. It’s a hot rodder’s ageless cocktail. A cars & coffee feeding frenzy. We’ve all talked about building something like this. We’ve all referenced...

2017 Ford Mustang: KW Coilover and ST Anti-Sway Bar Install.

Ford has really come a long way with their suspension over the years. This new Mustang is a blast to drive, right out of the box. It handles well enough for me to confidently throw it into almost any corner, or crowd of people. It’s a surprisingly smooth ride too,...

2017 Mustang GT: Corbeau Sportline RRS Install

I want to take our new Mustang through the full progression during this build. We already installed the new suspension to make the car stick to the road. Now we need to install some new seats to help me stick to the car. There is nothing more annoying than hitting a...

Slide American

Wanna know why all the old guys drive Vettes? Simple. Because it takes the better part of a lifetime to figure out… Vettes just win. And by the time all of us dummies finally learn that lesson… we got old & we tuck our t-shirts into our shorts. See - as youthful car...

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