Hard Wood.

Geoff McDonough & his father run a shop called Cedar Performance, and they specialize in ‘stance & fitment’ of all things. Custom coilovers, custom air, hard lines, custom control arms, etc. Just speaking honestly, you might not think there would be enough ‘business’...

Wilwood Disc Brakes Announces: New Front and Rear Road Race Brake Kits for the BMW E46 M3

Wilwood’s championship-proven road racing brake system is now available for the 2000-2006 BMW E46 M3 platform. This system is engineered application-specific for production-based chassis using the factory hydraulics and all-dynamic electronic controls. Competition...

Mantic 2018 Mustang Clutch

The 2018 Mustang GT comes with an optional manual transmission, thank you Ford. At Mantic Clutch USA, we are excited to continue the muscle car era and produce a better MT-82 clutch. To us, the manual trans brings a classic muscle car appeal to the direct injected...

Motovicity Making Big Announcment this Saturday at Speedring

Motovicity is making an announcement this Saturday at Speed Ring 2018-and it’s one you won’t want to miss!  Stay tuned for more details, as press release information will be coming soon.  More details to come…...

1oz Fine Silvia

Has anybody ever owned just one 240? I don’t think that’s exists. It seems like people have either owned none… or 5+. And that really says something about Nissan’s S-Chassis. Doesn’t it? So let’s give the car some credit… as ENTHUSIASTS and not just drift junkies. I...

All I Do is Wind Wind Wind: No Matter What!

Dude. I feel kinda bad for all you guys who don’t live down South. Because you’re missing out on something great & you don’t even know it. There’s a different kind of species around here. And thats: the good ol’ boy Southern type of guys… who love guns, their mamma,...

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