Old Car Funk: EV-Converted VW Vanagon

You know, it’s not the EVs that I despise. It’s the overall uninspiring lack of character they have. No matter how you want to try and slice it & serve it to me… current new-model EVs lack soul, substance, & passion. Not to mention - I find all these...

FC RX7 convertible

JB Guillotte is one of those 1st-generation American drifters. He’s a self-proclaimed simple man… but I call BS lol. JB just knows what makes him happy, that's all… and that can come across as simple a lot of the time. He's also humble & smart. Damn smart. With a...

Alpine Volks Fair ’22 – S3 Magazine Coverage

Alpine Volks Fair returns to Helen, GA! If you are not aware of what the Alpine Volks Fair is, imagine the following. Thousands of Volkswagens, Audis, Porsches and so on. Dozens of meetups and hangouts. Not just for one day, but for 5. Regular traffic begins to look...

Hello What Time is it? Z10 Toyota Soarer

I’ll level with you. Instagram’s not my favorite thing, although I am having fun with Reels & Stories recently lol. But overall, I barely know how to check messages... and I barely care. I just don't like the fact that you can follow somebody & they don't...

Jet ski project gets yellow Hydro-Turf from Blowsion

Tis the season for water sports again. So soak it up! This is my project stand-up jet ski, a 1996 Kawasaki 750 sxi. We got this thing as an absolute busted disaster for 650 bucks. High on hopes & dreams, we then spent most of last summer repairing hull damage...

How To Build a Lowrider for Just 40 Bones

This is the tale of how Aaron Jarnigan won a lowrider Lincoln. Let me paint the picture. If you don’t know Aaron Jarnigan already, just imagine him looking like Farmer Jon. White boy, flannel shirt, sun hat, Tennessee native, and car culture aficionado.  Aaron decided...

VMS Racing wheels on our Fiesta ST

Behold! VMS Racing V-Star wheels on our Fiesta ST! These wheels are made by VMS Racing. The model is called V-Star; the sizing here is 15x8 +20. And yes, they come in Ford's unique 4x108 bolt pattern. Tires are Toyo RA1s in size 205/50/15. Previous to these wheels, I...

Gambler 500 TN ’22 – S3 Mag Coverage

It's that time of year again New year and new location for the Gambler 500 Tennessee. This time, more than 100 miles away from the previous location, now in Bon Aqua, TN - just outside Nashville. Unlike the previous couple events, this one was not a total wash out....

This Means War: Terminator Cobra

(From S3 Magazine: Issue 58) I know a lot of y’all reading this magazine come from an import tuning background. But I also know those 'import vs domestic' lines blurred a long time ago because y’all V8 swap everything these days, break the rules, and generally get...

MK2 GTi drift car

This is Erin Sanford’s MK2 GTi drift car. It’s RWD, running a turbocharged Nissan KA24. Here’s the backstory on how it came to be.  The GTi actually belonged to me & my dad... At that point, it was still a regular FWD 16v GTi. And before us, a Georgia Tech student...
GR86 automatic??!!

GR86 automatic??!!

In the midst of the GR Corolla reveal online last week, Toyota dropped off one of the new GR86s for us to review. ...
Wooley Spotted!

Wooley Spotted!

Here he is ladies and gentlemen. The man, the myth, the legend, the guy with the dreads and really small camera….



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And the Disappointment of the Decade award goes to…..

And the Disappointment of the Decade award goes to…..

I had an old-school Honda buddy give me some advice once. He said he gave up on Honda as a company a long time ago, and life got a lot less heartbreaking. We all love the golden era of Honda. Honda/Acura created some truly innovative & remarkable cars that were...

Depreciation Curves // Evo 8 MR

Depreciation Curves // Evo 8 MR

There’s a time to sit on your hands. And conversely, there’s a time to jump on the ship before it sets sail. As a car enthusiast, you need to know which is which.  So as you dive deeper into car culture, try to recognize the general trends of car values. Learn to feel...

Bridgemoto FC RX-7

Bridgemoto FC RX-7

A while back, I received a call from Wooley (editor of this magazine), asking if I'd be interested in doing a photoshoot with a widebody FC RX-7. The obvious answer was yes. However, I had never met the owner of this car, Alan Newsome, and only knew about him through...

AWD Fest – S3 Coverage

AWD Fest – S3 Coverage

I love a good road trip. This past weekend, myself & Jake from Slightly Mangled drove over 6 hours to Troy, NC to attend the first ever AWD Fest. This is an off-road event hosted by our friends at HRG Engineering , No-Lo Design & Ridgeline Store. This event...

Old car magazines

Old car magazines

I've got a collection of my dad's old car magazines dating back to the 70s. And I just ran across this Road & Track from September of 1989 that somehow got mixed in with a stack of S3s. Thought y'all might enjoy a few photos of the good ol' days. Maybe I'll make...