Rennbay big brake kit for the Porsche 944

The brakes were totally shot on this Porsche 944, imagine that…  My buddy Elliott Grafton from 944 Barn put me on to a guy name Travis O’Steen who owns a company called Rennbay out of Florida. Rennbay makes a big brake kit for the front of the 944 utilizing...

Storming Through the Party Like My Name was El Niño // Matt Gambill’s Fiesta ST

Matt’s smarter than me. Right from the start let’s get that straight... For the last several years I have gone on & on about the Ford Fiesta ST being the best, most fun car… even for double it’s sticker price. Yet I don’t own one. Matt does and it’s one of the...

Is this love that I’m Feeling: Matt Crumpton’s Acura Integra GSR

This must be Love...  Whether or not it's an Acura Integra GSR, we all have that certain/specific car that resonates with us. Maybe it was your childhood dream car... and you’ve never been able to get it out of your head. Heck, maybe it was the hero car from your...


4-bolts is what it "should’ve taken" to get the rear KW coilovers on my Porsche 944...  That is - if it were any car other than a Porsche 944 lol. And as mentioned in the previous post on the front coilovers (Link to the KW coilover install on the FRONT of this 944),...

Darth Vaded: Josh Freeman’s Subaru STi

We’re all working on ourselves as we journey through life. If we’re honest, we know what kind of person we’d like to be at our core... We know who the best version of ourselves is? The guy who has it all together, the guy who triumphs over adversity, the guy who sees...

Riverside 6 pre-meet

Some photos of a Riverside 6 pre-meet get-together. Shot by Ben Battles. ...

“Over My Dead Body” // RB25DET-swapped Datsun 280z

Be warned: This is some 'Talladega Nights' sh*t right here. And I mean that in the best worst way.  Let me try & set the stage:  It was a late summer afternoon in 1975 when young Jeff Ross brought home his new Datsun 280z. It was the first new car he ever...

Race Red Ford Ranger FX4 Review

With the Ranger, I think Ford has more leash to experiment with design & concepts, compared to the   F150... Ford can't experiment with the F150 tooooo much, since it's the bread & butter seller in America. Americans like their trucks a certain way... big,...

Highway to Hellcat: Rubitrux Hellcat-Swapped Jeep Wrangler

Hey Sports car enthusiasts, let’s be real. Most of the new sport cars & hot-hatches coming out are missing the mark big time. You may disagree… but look around at what you see on the road broad scope. Are you seeing hot new sports cars at every redlight? Me...

Drive & Shoot – John’s bagged Mustang

Check out this killer short video Liam Eyles (LEP Automotive) put together on John's Mustang. It's good to see Liam Eyles back at video production! Give him a 'like & subscribe' on his channel.
Kelly Moss Porsche 914

Kelly Moss Porsche 914

Text by Jeff Stone at Kelly Moss Motorsports    Photos by Chris Sullivan There are some basic philosophies that ...
2016 Mazda6 review

2016 Mazda6 review

  The 2016 Mazda6 is a bit of a refreshing, sporty alternative in the ‘sensible sedan’ category. The
2016 Honda HRV Review

2016 Honda HRV Review

If a small Crossover is what you’re looking for, you need to go drive the HRV before you make any impulsive ...



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Wooley’s Editorial from Issue 33: Fu*k Social Media

Wooley’s Editorial from Issue 33: Fu*k Social Media

We all complain that the car culture is riddled with hate & disrespect these days. None of us really want it like that. We all want a revolution… yet we’re all part of the problem to some degree. So each of us need to start within ourselves. First of all, try to...

Import Alliance Summer Meet Coverage 2015: Pt.1

Import Alliance Summer Meet Coverage 2015: Pt.1

Import Alliance Summer Meet Coverage 2015 - Kentucky Motor Speedway. Photos and text by Jon Wooley. The Import Alliance Summer meet was a hot one. Literally and figuratively. We started early as usual at the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, KY. Hope you enjoy the first...

Formula D Orlando

Formula D Orlando

This is the first year that Formula D stopped in Orlando, The Orlando Speed World location was an awesome 1st-year event with tons of potential. Sure - there are a couple little things that need to be tweaked to prepare for next year... that's to be expected. And...

2015 Lexus IS250 Review

2015 Lexus IS250 Review

First off - you have to understand going in, that the Lexus IS targets a wide range of people with different desires from a car. Gilmore girls to real car enthusiasts. But for an enthusiast - it’s all there. Lexus has found a way to appease the masses & make a...