Ultra-progressive investors want Akio Toyoda out

Influential ultra-progressive investors of Toyota are now calling to remove Akio Toyoda from the board entirely at Toyota’s June 14 shareholder meeting. Akio stepped down as CEO on April 1st of this year (replaced by Koji Sato from Lexus), but Akio still remained on...

Honda Fest GA ’23 – S3MAG Coverage

Honda Fest brought their event to Georgia for the first time, and they did not disappoint. The quality of builds that showed up was amazing.

BMW using AI to help design cars – that explains a lot

BMW is using artificial intelligence to help design their new cars. And...... that explains a lot actually. Source & details: Motor1 •get the free S3 Magazine app•  (apple) •get the free S3 Magazine app•  (android)

Fiesta ST – Wilwood brakes

The Fiesta ST is a barrel of monkeys. But the brakes?? They're more like a bucket of sh¡t lol. And frankly, the Fiesta ST deserves better. I'll die on the hill that the Fiesta ST…  Is one of the most rambunctious, undiluted… biggest grin, best bang-for-the-buck modern...

How are Kansei wheels made?

The advanced formlite process applies radial pressure to the wheel’s barrel section under intense heat…

Genesis Electrified GV70

https://apps.apple.com/us/app/s3-magazine/id1634928399 The Genesis Electrified GV70 made a real impression on me. And for those of you that know S3 Magazine & our EV rants… trust me, I was as surprised as you are. I don’t want to muddy the water & go off on...

Sub 1:40 – The Benchmark of Time Attack

A few years ago, in a Facebook Group called Track Midwest, a post was written that echoed loudly around the community. "If you don't run sub 1:40, you shouldn't post." It was somewhat harsh, but it had some validity. It was supposed to be directed at the newer guys...

Judging the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in Atlanta

I was honored to be one of the judges for the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in Atlanta, GA. ATL was the third stop of nine Hot Wheels Legends shows across the US. As a judge... We're instructed to choose based on authenticity, character, garage spirit, uniqueness, 'the...

Bit By Bit, Improving The 987

Intro A cardinal mistake you often see in the upper levels of Time Attack is doing too little in a short time. Instead of following the rule of three, don't change more than three things at once. Then you test. Often, people throw parts at a car, hoping it will go...

Tesla is opening-up their chargers to Ford EVs

In a brand new Tesla-Ford agreement... Tesla is opening-up their chargers to Ford EVs. I guess that’s a big deal, because it shows that two manufactures are officially working together to make charging less of a con & more convenient And it shows that Tesla is not...
New Skidracin Shirt

New Skidracin Shirt

New Skidracin' shirt is in our store. High quality stuff, vibrant colors, 100% Cotton, Pre-shrunk. Our skidracin ...
2015 Chevrolet Colorado Review

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Review

Need to carry 5 people? Get a Colorado. Need to haul stuff? Get a Colorado? Want great gas mileage but don’t want to rid yourself of utility? Get a Colorado! Want great style and want to go off road? GET. A. COLORADO!
2015 Lexus NX-200t F-Sport Review

2015 Lexus NX-200t F-Sport Review

There is no such thing as one ‘perfect’ car for every possible situation that may arise. We have to choose the characteristics that are most crucial to us - often at the sacrifice of others. But the NX proves to hold it’s own...
New Slap Stickers

New Slap Stickers

We just added a bunch of new slap stickers in the S3MagStore! These are all full color stickers, printed on high ...
2015 Lexus GX460 Review

2015 Lexus GX460 Review

I know, I know that no one…and I mean literally no one is stupid enough to take their $60,000 SUV off road in the fear of getting it a bit dusty. Well… we are that stupid. Lexus GX460
2014 Scion FRS Review

2014 Scion FRS Review

By: Yousef Alvi and Jonathan Wooley Taken as a complete package, the FRS is one of the best cars I’ve ever ...



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