Shakedown 1979 // LS swapped Jeep Cherokee Chief

My wife, Amber, and I have always talked about building a muscle car together. She's fond of the first few years of the Mustang; I'd love a Mopar. Maybe a Charger R/T, a Cuda? So many good choices. So anyway, we bought a 1979 Jeep Cherokee Chief lol. Well… I did....

Foxbody Movin’ – low & steady wins the race

So many times do we see the clear divide between a purist’s restoration vs a builder's wild modifications. Rarely do we see the two meet so gracefully as with Andrew Schenk's ‘86 Foxbody Mustang GT. While it may seem the best of both worlds, the reality is, it’s a...

Gramp’s F150 was sitting on 20s, and it juuuuust wasn’t clicking for me.

So I got a wandering eye, and stumbled on these old American Racing wheels for the lowered Bricknose F150… super cheap & super local. 15x10, mega-low offset, old-school 3-spoke style. Curiosity killed the cat, and I copped ‘em!  TIRES: Cooper Cobra Radial GTs in...

KW V3 coilovers on a 944: How low can you go

How low will the new KW V3 coilovers go on a 944?? Lower than this actually lol... but not much. But let me back up & fill you in, because this is an ongoing project/saga. The KW coilovers only come for 'late-model' 944  fitment.  That means models 1985.5 and up....

Stand up Jet skis

Not car related, but do you know what you should buy?? Like right now?? A damn stand up jet ski! Holy crap! So until yesterday, I've had absolutely zero experience with these things. Weirdly, I grew up in Jacksonville Florida, which is a perfect place to own one. In...

Ford Lightning // Electric F-150

So Ford introduced the new electric Lightning F-150, and it pretty much just looks like a regular-ass truck if we’re being honest. But is that good or bad? I mean it certainly has it’s benefits. Full-size truck owners expect a truck to look a certain way, and that way...

Wooley’s Editorial from Issue 56: Losing your cool

I tend to lose my cool when I’m working on cars.  That’s not how I want to be. I hate that about myself. Because it’s bigger than cars; it’s personality flaws. We all know cars can be a royal pain in the ass sometimes… and I’m fine with that. It’s worth it in the end....

Chameleon 450SE (W116) Benz

Time is a necessity to freedom. Meaning - you can’t truly be free if all your time is spoken for. Remember that. Because the people out there with real money?? With opulence?? Often what they DON’T have… is real time to invest into themselves, their passions, or their...

Lifted 2wd Silverado Trophy – LEX Motorsports

You can only drive 1 vehicle at a time… so why not try & build 'everything you love' into 1 vehicle? ? This is Jason Lader’s turbo LS Silverado trophy truck - 2008 2wd. And with this build, the motive was to create something wild, capable, versatile, and street...

The Elements

I never thought much of BMWs... Writing them off mostly as status symbols. See - I like raw & visceral cars. Buuut I ended up buying a 1992 E34 5-series with a manual transmission last year for $500. I did it on a whim, with no particular love for the car other...
2015 Acura TLX Review

2015 Acura TLX Review

By Yousef Alvi and Jonathan Wooley In a way - this could be one of the most important cars that Acura has ever ...
2015 Lexus IS250 Review

2015 Lexus IS250 Review

First off - you have to understand going in, that the Lexus IS targets a wide range of people with different ...
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