Switzerland moving to ban EVs – True or False?

There is a screenshot from Fox News going around on social media. Its saying that Switzerland is moving to ban EVs. That seemed a little suspect… so we looked into it. Turns out - Switzerland government officials are considering a possible ban for nonessential...

Off-Road / Overland Holiday Gift Ideas – 10 gifts under $100

I get this question a lot: "Hey Bubba, what would make a good gift for someone who loves off-roading & already has everything?" My knee-jerk suggestion is beer from a local brewery. But if they're persistent, then I usually aim for something under $100... and...

Audi RS3 – Second Chances

This is my takeaway from Mauricio Martinez’s Audi RS3. How many of us tell ourselves ‘we can always buy another one’… but we never do. Truth is: as a car enthusiast, when you sell a car, you’re at a very vulnerable point. And it's not just emotional either lol....

The Acura Integra Type-S is coming!

The Acura Integra Type-S is coming. It should arrive in mid/later 2023. Basically - expect it to be Acura's version of the new FL5 Civic Type-R. It ain’t rocket science lol… that’s just exactly what it is. Same taco; slightly different sauce. Maybe just a little nicer...

The deadline is here – who will sell Ford EVs?

In mid-September, Ford announced that all Ford dealerships had until Halloween to decide if they wanted to become ‘EV Certified’. The giant stipulation was - it would cost each Ford dealer roughly $500,000 or $1,200,000… depending on if they wanted to be Tier-1 or...

Josh Freeman’s Toyota Chaser

This Toyota Chaser JZX100 was originally supposed to be a drift car project. When Josh Freeman of Vaded bought & imported it… the thing already had an angle kit & some other goodies straight from the backstreets of Japan. But here’s the catch: Josh technically...

Incremental Improvements With The 987

Car builds can spiral out of control quickly. With everyone, including myself (having the attention span of a squirrel these days), ideas and goals change quickly. To avoid that, I write you guys to hold me accountable. Not really, but it sounds good on paper. In this...

GM butchers the Corvette legacy

To no one’s real surprise at this point, GM is turning the Corvette into 'a brand' (similar to Hummer or Buick). And to launch the new Corvette brand, GM will add an EV Corvette 4-door, and an EV Corvette Crossover to the mix… giving posers across the country a chance...

My tuner friends have an overlanding problem

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed the explosion of the ‘overland scene’. I guess Covid really fueled the primal need for people to get outta the house. Whatever the case, the camping & outdoor market saw numbers like never before. For the...

GM is not giving up the internal combustion engine

GM President, Mark Reuss, recently said that GM is not giving up on the internal combustion engine?? He said this during an investor day just before Thanksgiving break. But wait… REWIND… doesn't this feel like the TOTAL OPPOSITE of what GM has been touting publicly?...
Wrenching tip of the day

Wrenching tip of the day

If vtec cuts out or malfunctions, check your plug connections before you disassemble the entire car. In other ...
nice one Ikea!

nice one Ikea!

The internet is great for a lot of things, but it doesn't replace all ...
Final Bout

Final Bout

https://flic.kr/p/oRkkgC With it’s first year come and gone, the only thing that could have been better about ...
Issue 31 is out!

Issue 31 is out!

Issue 31 is on the way to subscribers! If you don't subscribe yet, and want to... we'll send this issue right ...
S3 kick-me pedals

S3 kick-me pedals

Swift heel/toe action. These are available in our 'store'. Check them out for more info.



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SoWo – Helen, GA 5/15-17

Here's a few sample pics from Southern Worthersee. Had an awesome time last night just hanging out . . . boozin' it up with good people in the Helendorf parking lot. I'd have brought my camera . . . but the camera bag seemed to be doing better as a cooler. =)

Import Alliance: Atlanta Meet

...just a couple of quick pics to show you the IA vibe.  Click 'em if you want to enlarge 'em.  Coverage & a bunch more pics will be in the next issue.

Color Choices

If you're looking for some inspiration on what color to paint your car - check out these VeeDubs.  So slick!  These were painted by VW... but it's not a standard color that you can call a dealership and get a paintcode for - these are custom shades.  There are two...

PRI Show in Orlando

Well, last Wednesday, Jonathan and I decided that it would be a great idea to make a quick day trip down to Orlando for the PRI show in Orlando. Boy were we wrong. Haha, I kid I kid. We are up in Atlanta, so the 7 hour drive really wasn't that bad....until Wooley made...

Headed to Nashville

Headed to Nashville

This pic was on the way to Import Alliance back in July. It was an awesome weekend... but I had to stare at those balls for miles.

Respect Your Elders

Respect Your Elders

These are a couple of engine shots from the Good-Guys show last weekend.  They're not sport compacts... but I thought they could maybe give you guys some ideas. This one (above) is just pretty much the balls. I thought the satin black engine bay looked slick with the...

The Varsity: 06/08

The Varsity: 06/08

The Varsity: Meets the first Thursday of every month in Atlanta. Check out our full gallery here.

Drift Alliance "Stay Hungry" Premier

Tonight, we made it out to the red carpet premier of Drift Alliance's brand new film, Stay Hungry. The DA guys did an awesome job with the movie, combining awesome drift action, adventures from their worldwide travels, and their crazy antics into a great mix. The DA...

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