MK2 GTi drift car

This is Erin Sanford’s MK2 GTi drift car. It’s RWD, running a turbocharged Nissan KA24. Here’s the backstory on how it came to be.  The GTi actually belonged to me & my dad... At that point, it was still a regular FWD 16v GTi. And before us, a Georgia Tech student...

A Beautiful Union: S15 & Jet Skis

Loki  —  “By the way, at your desk… that magazine…”  Owen Wilson  —  "Yeah, the one on - jet skis??” Loki  —  “Yes… why do you have that?” Owen Wilson  —  “…..Because they’re awesome!”  Loki  —  “………..I suppose they are.”  Owen Wilson  —  “Yeah. You know some...

Sharplight Innovations: Upgraded lighting on the C5 Corvette

2nd to the interior, probably the most outdated part of a C5 Corvette is the lighting. Being the last production car with pop-ups is cool, but it comes with a caveat: The headlight motors are made of some garbage plastic that grinds, whines, and makes every noise that...

The Good Old Haze // Simply great S13 Coupe

When drifting started to hit the US import scene in the early 2000s, it sent an even bigger surge through the already electric import culture. Yeah for a minute there, there was a real sweet spot where it all came together. There was so much energy. The cars were...

E30! Entertainment

The late '80s & early '90s was a powerful era for a lot of things honestly: Movies, music, jet skis, vibrant colors, the economy, and yeah… cars were a big part of it. Just think... Dodge made a car, from the factory, that was red with yellow wheels. C'mon! Toyota...

The WILDEST Sleeper – Twin Turbo AMC Ambassador

Not your grandma's AMC Ambassador... Turbocharging a car usually always ends with fun results. What's even more fun is when you go to great lengths to hide them. Our new friend 4DoorSavage not only did this, but he went all-out to ensure his car was not only unique,...

New VMS V-Star wheels on the C5 Corvette

The factory C5 Z06 Speedlines have always been one of my favorite OEM wheel designs. But with the C5 Corvette, wheel fitment is everything… not just the wheel's design. Here was my Z06 on the day I got it: The C5 Corvette has such timeless lines... That it doesn’t...

“Yo I need a title for this article by lunch.” Oh wow… Dat Soon??

Jared Perry, the owner of this Shakotan-styled resto-mod ‘76 G-Nose Datsun 280z, is a Japanese car enthusiast. I guess that’s pretty obvious. And like a lot of us - he’s self-taught… learning/fixing/growing through mistakes, dreams, and a few lucky breaks. With a true...

Modern Honda shows us what cool EV sports cars could look like… in fairytale land

Don't get too excited boys. Because remember, Modern Honda's got a history of hyping enthusiast-based cars......... and then when they finally 'pull the sheet' it ends up being a borderline-crossover with an Integra badge & AIDs. Nevertheless - here are some...

Wookies in the Woods ’22 – S3 Magazine Coverage

*Insert Chewbacca noises here* If you are unfamiliar with Wookies in the Woods, just imagine 200+ Volkswagen R32's & R's driving the Tail of the Dragon. To some, that just sounds like a bunch of noise. But to those who understand, it's one of the best weekends of...
The Mitty: Infield

The Mitty: Infield

The Walter Mitty was held at Road Atlanta this past weekend (May 3/4). We'll have some good quality race pics by ...



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