Tips for Shipwreck Jeep badge of honor trail /// Gulches ORV park

Here are a couple quick tips for Shipwreck Jeep badge of honor trail within Gulches ORV Park in Waterloo, South Carolina.  Shipwreck is at the bottom of a big bowl of sorts... And the most common way to enter Shipwreck is through a short/steep 38-degree descent called...

Lifted Civic Update #19: REV UP YOUR ENGINES!!!

Almost 5 months after we started, the CR-V heart transplant is a major success! About 2 months ago, we came to the realization that the B series harness was not going to work in our lifted Civic. We had to think creatively as there were no immediate options presented...

Forza Horizon 5 Review – An (Almost) Perfect Game

Let's get one thing out of the way first: Forza Horizon 5 is a fantastic game. It's actually so fantastic, it had me reminiscing about the last racing game that had me feeling this way. After much thought, I remembered back to the year 2005 when I first played Need...

APR / Dinan Track Day

Recently, we had the unique & mind-boggling opportunity to go ride in a bunch of APR & Dinan-tuned cars at Road Atlanta. Essentially like speed dating, but with badass cars & no baggage. Holy smokes...  To set the stage, this was a David Murry track day....

Wild Child – Michaels Bagged, Widebody Callaway C7 Corvette

It's not every day that we get to feature a Corvette. For the most part, it seems like Corvette enthusiasts tend to keep their vehicles on the stock side. At most, you'll see a couple modifications here or there. But there are some people like Michael Giaccone that...

The EV Movement: Part 2

Ben Battles wrote a killer article with optimistic happy thoughts in his EV coverage of SEMA 2021… and I'm gonna tell you why he’s wrong lol. This might get a tad political (generally speaking), but just remember, I didn’t do it… politics did.  The government needs to...

The AWD Civic is FINALLY showing signs of life. Since we have swapped over the twin cam B-Series on the lifted Civic, the car has not turned over. That is, until yesterday. After weeks of harness work and adaptation, it finally is turning over. This is absolutely...

And the Disappointment of the Decade award goes to…..

I had an old-school Honda buddy give me some advice once. He said he gave up on Honda as a company a long time ago, and life got a lot less heartbreaking. We all love the golden era of Honda. Honda/Acura created some truly innovative & remarkable cars that were...

SEMA 2021 – The Future – It’s Electric! (Boogie Woogie, Woogie!)

One thing is for certain... Electrification is the way of the future. There's absolutely no denying it. Many OEMs have promised full electrification in as soon as 10-25 years time - some even sooner. There has been a good amount of debate within the automotive...

SEMA 2021 – S3 Magazine Coverage

Another SEMA has come & gone... A bunch of us from the magazine attended this years show. There was a plethora of new & exciting products, cars & companies to check out. In fact, there is so much to document, we could not put it all into one article! So,...
ERA Sports

ERA Sports

I think we get lost in the numbers of a build, one too many times. We want the highest horsepower, the most boost, ...
Driving Mattered

Driving Mattered

Well this started out as a fairly normal Mazda3 Review. But then I spiraled down a rabbit hole lol. For the record,



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Cometic Gaskets for Turbo Honda’s

Cometic Gaskets for Turbo Honda’s

  NEW Turbo B-Series MLX Head Gaskets (VTec) Cometic is excited to announce a new series of Turbo Honda Gaskets! The first release is for the B Series motors that have been turbo charged, both Vtec and Non-Vtec versions. Part# C4999-043 Bore Size 85mm .043...

Fiesta ST aero by Vega Modified

Fiesta ST aero by Vega Modified

Bottom line: The Vega Modified aero kit transforms the Fiesta ST from a bumble bee into a hornet. This is one of those mods where the photos do most of the talking, but here are a couple details you may wanna know:   Vega products are made in Florida. You choose...

Jeep on Truckin’

Jeep on Truckin’

His father passed away when he was 16, and his father loved cars. So Caleb Forbes set out on some sort of journey… to find perspective through the outlet of an automobile. In 3 years, he went through about 15 different platforms - regularly swapping & trading out...

Porsche Cayman S: Say Man, Nice Cayman

Porsche Cayman S: Say Man, Nice Cayman

Totally 80’s Shelby Daniels doesn’t remember a time in his life where cars weren’t the main focus. As a kid, his parents took him to the fair… one of those sketchy fairs. And at that fair, there was a dart game. Throw the dart at a balloon, and if the balloon pops,...

Damn These Things are Fast | Honda Integra GSR

Damn These Things are Fast | Honda Integra GSR

“Man I can tell you right now… it ain’t worth it.” …That’s what Lous DeJesus said about his gorgeous Integra, in an rationally & oddly calm voice. lol. And you know he’s lyin’. But then he’d interject and say, “Nah I’m not lyin’… it ain’t worth it. Too much work....