Built for the Human Race – 4 door R32 Skyline (HCR32)

When I was a kid, sports cars were badass, untamed, and sexy. The car commercials on TV marketed performance. Hell - performance was mainstream! And Nissan was at the TOP of their game. Just look up this Nissan 300zx Superbowl commercial. Car brands based their...

Prestone Total Cooling System Cleaner

This is a 100% real life scenario... no 'paid promotion' I swear lol. I recently used Prestone Total Cooling System Cleaner in my Porsche 944, and it seems to have totally fixed my overheating issue! The 944 is kind of a never-ending project… go figure lol. But it's a...

Lifted Civic Update #21: Jumping The Hurdles

It's been a minute since the last update on Project: Lifted Civic We have been busy troubleshooting and diagnosing issues with the transmission over at Slightly Mangled. Essentially, the car will go into one forward gear and reverse and has a hard time going into park...

What I love about Honda Culture // Carlo’s Turbo EG Civic Hatchback on TE37s

You know what I love about OG Honda culture?? Absolutely everything. And I think I always will. There are just some things that are everlasting & pure about car culture. And a lot of those things can be found, hidden in plain sight, in an old Honda hatch... if...

Prentice Performance // Heaven Is a Place On Earth

Let’s go back in time... to the late 90’s. I was a kid. And the kid-version of me would trade in my chores for a trip to the local hobby store. It was my favorite place to go, as I was heavily into trains the first 6-7 years of my life. There was one shop in...

Wicked supercharged-to-turbocharged R53 Mini Cooper S

In the car world, saying “from humble beginnings” is a phrase that's often followed with someone’s explosion of e-fame stardom that leaves them with an inflated ego. While this isn’t always the case, in today’s day & age, it seems more & more that it’s...

Got Balls? (throwback feature from 2007)

Let's journey back... back to S3 Magazine circa 2007: -----You gotta have a big set when your goal is winning the NOPI Drift Championship. A great car and a large bank account are nice to have at your disposal, but if you don’t have the balls to risk both man &...

Lifted Civic Update #20: All About Verification

It's been an... interesting week to say the least. We went from making incredible progress on the car to nearly a standstill in the same week. As we went to test fit the CR-V axles, we realized that the bearings were improperly installed. They were loose and crooked....

The Never Selling Story

Chris Neranjan has owned this Hawkeye STI for over a decade. Notice - the trend of longterm ownership with STIs & Evos. These ultimate tuner cars of the 2000s car may have been a little pricey when they came out, sure. But they’re still pricey now. It was a good...

Retrospective: Riverside Chattanooga 1 (2016)

Here we go again - Ben is digging through his archives... I tend to do this every now and again, especially when I ease into my "slow" season. Going back to old photoshoots and events. This week, I wanted to share some of my favorite OG Riverside photos I took 5 years...



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Soulful Oldschool R32 Skyline

Soulful Oldschool R32 Skyline

Any of y’all ever get this deal from your dad?? “Save your money… and I’ll double whatever you save.”  Well me personally - I got that deal when I was about 11 years old. And man I saved every dollar of my allowance, Christmas, birthday… all of it. But at the end of...