Apple wants to control your car

It's not enough that most of us stare at an Apple computer for 12 hours a day. And it's not enough to have an Apple iPhone in our pocket at all times nestled up close to our giblets listening to our conversations. Or... an Apple watch on our wrist monitoring our heart...

Oof it’s gone viral. GR86 warranty claim denial

Toyota is in some steamy hot water with enthusiasts over their new, highly anticipated GR86. And while Toyota has a great history of reliability AND great relationships with customers... maybe they do deserve some flack for this one. Here’s the bullet points of the...

Sinh’s Evo 8 & Dan’s Supercharged 350Z

By God, we got a couple race cars on our hands! A couple weekends ago, I was invited to a hangout by my good friend Sinh (who a few of you probably remember from the cover of issue 55). It was at our friend Dan's house. It ended up being more of his kids birthday...

Tesla on autopilot kills motorcyclist

A motorcyclist was killed recently when a Tesla on autopilot rear-ended him. The tragic news brings up 2 discussion points: 1) There's no shortage of bad drivers out there, but... Hell even the most capable drivers make errors. It's called 'being human'. But that's...

Ford & GM tackle crazy markups

In case you haven't been in the new car market and/or paying attention, the entire playbook for 'new car buying' has changed drastically in the past couple years. And if you're a car enthusiast who wants one of these more exciting specialty vehicles... it's become...

Brembo just laid a whopper on us – and it’s called Sensify

Hory shet Brembo may have just honestly revolutionized automotive brakes! The Brembo Sensify brake system uses electronic parts, instead of hydraulic parts. So instead of pads clamping onto the rotors through hydraulic pressure like they pretty much always have for...

Mo’ Money Mo’ Money – Porsche increases profit on EVs

I read an article on The Drive last night, where Porsche CFO, Lutz Meschke, spoke on how they can make even more profit with EVs than with internal combustion engines. He mentioned that while EV costs will eventually drop, that won’t necessarily be reflected in the...

Ok Boomer – so long & thanks for all the cars

To me, “OK BOOMER” comes across a derogatory, dismissive, blatantly stereotypical comment… spawned from a generation that demands tolerance. So I’d like to quickly point out the irony as it pertains to car culture. Because it seems like the generation that mocks...

NASCAR electrified??

Apparently NASCAR is considering an electric version of the Gen-7 chassis. This could come as early as 2023 to the Busch Lights Clash? As far as S3's concerned, it truly is a forward-thinking vision from NASCAR! NASCAR fans have long needed a break in the action to...

2023 Honda Civic Type-R

The 2023 Honda Civic Type-R has been revealed. You can love it, hate it, or be indifferent... but here's what we know so far. This will be the most powerful Honda that's ever been sold in the states. We also know that it set a FWD production car lap record at Suzuka...
fresh tuna

fresh tuna

Our Still Hood mermaid hats are back in stock. 'NO ONE LIKES THE TUNA HERE printed on the underside of the bill. ...
Early Honda Racing

Early Honda Racing

Here's some interesting wiki-reading I just got caught up in, on the early years of Honda Formula 1 racing. The ...


As much as things can potentially go WRONG when buying & building an import… things sometimes have the tendency to ...
…from Issue 25

…from Issue 25

“Anyone can throw money at a car and make it ‘cool’… but it will not have the soul of a car built with endless ...
no need for redbull

no need for redbull

Check out this video of Takumi Iwata - setting a fine example of how we should all drive our Hondas. (click green ...
1st Porsche

1st Porsche

I was born in '79. And when I came into this world, my dad had a Porsche - a 912. That car was one of my first ...



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IMPORT ALLIANCE: What did you think???

For those of you guys that went, what did you think? Be honest: what was your favorite part of it all? What else would you like to see happen for next year? I promise the guys from IA will be on here, so if you comment, make it honest, and make it count. Personally -...

SoWo – Helen, GA 5/15-17

Here's a few sample pics from Southern Worthersee. Had an awesome time last night just hanging out . . . boozin' it up with good people in the Helendorf parking lot. I'd have brought my camera . . . but the camera bag seemed to be doing better as a cooler. =)

Import Alliance: Atlanta Meet

...just a couple of quick pics to show you the IA vibe.  Click 'em if you want to enlarge 'em.  Coverage & a bunch more pics will be in the next issue.

Color Choices

If you're looking for some inspiration on what color to paint your car - check out these VeeDubs.  So slick!  These were painted by VW... but it's not a standard color that you can call a dealership and get a paintcode for - these are custom shades.  There are two...

PRI Show in Orlando

Well, last Wednesday, Jonathan and I decided that it would be a great idea to make a quick day trip down to Orlando for the PRI show in Orlando. Boy were we wrong. Haha, I kid I kid. We are up in Atlanta, so the 7 hour drive really wasn't that bad....until Wooley made...

Headed to Nashville

Headed to Nashville

This pic was on the way to Import Alliance back in July. It was an awesome weekend... but I had to stare at those balls for miles.

Respect Your Elders

Respect Your Elders

These are a couple of engine shots from the Good-Guys show last weekend.  They're not sport compacts... but I thought they could maybe give you guys some ideas. This one (above) is just pretty much the balls. I thought the satin black engine bay looked slick with the...

The Varsity: 06/08

The Varsity: 06/08

The Varsity: Meets the first Thursday of every month in Atlanta. Check out our full gallery here.